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Heroes emerge…Again

Like everyone else I was horrified to learn of the massacre in Boston.  Due to work obligations I learned of the attack three hours after it happened. I am just now starting to catch up on the tweets, pictures, videos and news reports.  Even with a very limited amount of information, I’ll be my salary that;

  • Bystanders and on scene marathon medical staff likely saved lives – without regard to their own personal safety.
  • First responders were overwhelmed at first, but quickly assimilated with medical personnel to quickly treat and transport.
  • Cell networks (and likely land lines) locked up for quite a while as everyone tried to validate what they experienced with loved ones, and loved ones tried to contact participants and spectators.
  • Social media channels were effectively used to get messages out, and also act as the NAP (Non-Associated Press).
  • Surveillance video, along with yet unidentified witnesses will likely result in the quick capture of the suspect(s).

While it is easy to focus on the horror and tragedy of such a senseless act, I’m choosing to focus on the actions of the nameless and countless number of heroes who knowingly and unknowingly stepped into harms way to help their fellow man.  To all the Bostonian first responders-both uniformed and civilian-Thank You for your service today.  Your actions reinforce the strength and resolve of the American people, even during unbelievable tragedy.  Now, let’s catch the S.O.B.(s) who did this.

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