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A Mad World

Like everyone else I am devastated by today’s senseless slaughter of innocent school children and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut.  I read the news on Twitter, likely posted within minutes after the murderer killed himself.  Having watched similar news unfold on live TV too many times before, I chose not to turn on the TV this time.  I think I made a good decision.  I had no interest in listening to non-stop news anchor and reporter speculation, and the obligatory interviewing of traumatized witnesses.  With something this horrific, taking a measured and clinical approach helps keep me from becoming a casualty as well.  I’ve seen my share of young lives lost, and events like this can bring back a flood of bad memories.  So, I chose self-preservation mode.

I hold the families of those who lost their kids in my thoughts and prayers.  I also feel greatly for the first responders who answered the call and did everything they could to save lives, secure the scene and begin the investigation.  Often in cases like this, they become secondary victims.  The gunshot echo can ring for a long time.

In these circumstances, I know our first responder family around the world will rally around these folks and provide unwavering support.  They will need our help for a while.

Regarding the gun debate….wait….now is not the time. I’ll weigh in after the families bury their kids and parents.

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