Have You Seen These

Its Just How We Roll

A couple of days ago, Dave Statter of Statter911 fame posted a link to a video that should warm your heart.  For those who think firefighters and police officers are only in the job for a “fat pension” and other public employee perks, watch this video highlighting the love and devotion shown by members of the Lansing, Michigan Fire Department in taking care of a citizen FOR 60 YEARS!

We had a slightly similar situation a few years ago in our department, with our firefighters taking care of an elderly citizen and his wife for a few years.  But, nothing to the extent shown in this video.

Strong work Lansing FD.  I’m confident there are many more of these untold stories unfolding in firehouses across the country.  It’s just how we roll.

If this video doesn’t make you proud of firefighters and our profession, your heart is made of stone.

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