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Un-Fatherly Advice

My blood is boiling… I just read this article , and it pissed me off.  This “dad” advises, via public proclamation, his son to quit being a firefighter, and go do something else.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!!! It has been ...

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Donuts And Card Games

By now, most everyone has heard of the Chula Vista, California firefighter handcuffed and detained by a California Highway Patrol officer while working at a freeway vehicle collision.  Unfortunately for the officer, a news camera crew filmed the arrest, resulting ...

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Where’s Waldo?

You are the captain of Engine 3, assigned as a RIT crew standing by a rip snortin’ house fire.  You and your team were initially disappointed to hear the IC’s assignment, knowing full well you would have been first- in ...

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Another S.O.B. Story

OK Public Servants, when are you going to learn?  Dave Statter posted the most recent case of social media rectal cranial inversion on his blog – Statter911 ; an appalling and sad story about an FDNY EMS lieutenant publicly revealed ...

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