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It’s Groundhog Day All Over Again

Another media attack on career firefighters had a few fire service tongues a wagging this past week. A college professor’s superficial view of professional career firefighters (and their international union) in a Washington Post opinion piece made my friend Dave ...

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The Conundrum Of Frequent Flyers

“Everett firefighters in trouble for leaving homeless man under bridge” was a recent TV station story up in my neck of the woods. You can watch the story here, and read more of the details here. Of course, the Monday ...

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Back To The Future

Mark Anderson, an uncannily accurate predictor of future trends in technology, is a local treasure in these parts. He lives one county over, and I had the honor and pleasure of meeting him at a regional cyber-security summit where we ...

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Another S.O.B. Story

OK Public Servants, when are you going to learn?  Dave Statter posted the most recent case of social media rectal cranial inversion on his blog – Statter911 ; an appalling and sad story about an FDNY EMS lieutenant publicly revealed ...

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