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The Buck Stops With Them

The response to the tragic Oso Mudslide continues, and rescue efforts are transitioning to recovery.  Continued heavy rains are only making the situation worse for the search and recovery teams post holing in the dangerous muck. It has now clear ...

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A Crisis Of Silence

The Seattle Fire Department, and firefighters everywhere, got a big black eye this weekend when two drunk off duty Seattle firefighters allegedly attacked a couple of homeless people at a downtown memorial statue. One of the victims resorted to pulling ...

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Ask Jimmy Kimmel

How many times have you read a feel good story or viewed epic videos and pictures on Facebook or Twitter that put a lump in your throat, brought a tear to your eye, twanged your revenge gene, or made you ...

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And That’s The Way It Is

I recently sat in on a business webinar on crisis communications. The word “control” was used a lot. The presenters, experienced and well spoken media professionals, accurately described the light speed evolution of how news is being reported, driven by ...

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Drones, Hoaxes and Skeptics Oh My

Two fascinating social media and technology news stories broke over the Thanksgiving holiday making for a target rich blogging environment. Amazon drones Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, is a pretty shrewd showman by taking the opportunity on 60 Minutes to introduce ...

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The Indian Street Morons

35 years ago I stood at the top of a set of stairs, watching with anxious fascination the chaos below.  Western Washington Security and Bellingham Police Department undercover officers observed drug deals going down at a large dorm room party, ...

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