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Social Media and Emergency Response

We Must Be Faster

Last week, I participated in a conference call meeting of a social media planning group for the Department of Homeland Security.  I have been a humble member of this dedicated group for over a year, and am always impressed with ...

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ICS Parenting

I woke up in the middle of the night last week after a wickedly bad dream.  I don’t remember much. But, one thing I do remember is one of my sons said; “Dad, you are now irrelevant.” Perhaps my sub-conscious ...

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Emotional Storm

Sunday’s apocalyptic tornado that tore through the heart and soul of Joplin, Missouri is a historic tragedy that has likely forever changed the city’s fabric.  I’m writing this knowing that search and rescue efforts continue, and the death toll will ...

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Attention! ICweeters Needed

The explosion of social media and the demand for instant news continually amazes me.  The shift in power in controlling and sharing information from the media/government to “the people” has been swift and in many cases disruptive.   The landscape of ...

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