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Drones, Hoaxes and Skeptics Oh My

Two fascinating social media and technology news stories broke over the Thanksgiving holiday making for a target rich blogging environment. Amazon drones Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, is a pretty shrewd showman by taking the opportunity on 60 Minutes to introduce ...

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Yippee Ki-Yay!

“Factors obstructing the adoption of crowdsourcing, social media, and digital volunteerism approaches often include uncertainty about accuracy, fear of liability, inability to translate research into operational decision-making, and policy limitations on gathering and managing data. Prior to the workshop, many ...

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Boston Globe Strikes Again

Boy, I bet Boston firefighters are fuming right ‘bout now.  A few days ago the Boston Globe wrote an investigative piece titled “Plenty of firefighters but where are the fires?” The article asked pointed questions, challenging the centuries old notion ...

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Gaga Over Google Glass

The newfangled Google Glass device introduced recently is causing quite the stir among techies and detractors alike.  It appears to introduce the concept of a heads up display for navigating life.  While it remains to be seen how it will ...

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