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My Ten #SMEM Commandments

Last weekend I tapped the #SMEM community, asking for their “Commandments” related to use of social media in emergencies.  It generated a dozen or so replies, many with a common theme.  I’ve incorporated them into my own list below.  What am I missing?

10 SMEM Commandments During Crisis

  1.  Thou shalt listen before tweeting.
  2. Thou shalt avoid the “retwecho”.
  3. Thou shalt not ignore what is being said.
  4. Thou shalt not use others words as their own.
  5. Thou shalt not post anything that would embarrass you or your mother when printed “above the fold”.
  6. Thou shalt understand that SMEM is only one way of communicating (but really effective!).
  7. Thou shalt accept that information must be quickly, clearly and frequently distributed.
  8. Thou shalt be forgiven for flogging an IC who insists on approving all SM messaging .
  9. Thou shalt acknowledge you can’t have enough power dongles and spare batteries.
  10. Thou shalt never underestimate the power of the crowd.

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Retired fire chief ,Type 3 AHIMT IC, PIO, Fire service consultant. Social media emergency management disciple (no, I'm not a "guru"). Crisis communications consultant. Father and Grandpa with an open wallet.