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More On Meerkat

Well, it’s been two and a half weeks since I blogged on the new #SM kid in town, Meerkat. As the #SXSW conference started, the buzz over this new live streaming video tool evolved into a roar. It became the ...

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Somebody Needs To Own It

Who’s tired of hearing about the ugliness in Ferguson, Missouri? Me, for one.  I’m tired of watching a community commit suicide by Molotov cocktail, while dedicated police officers try to contain the chaos without getting hurt. I’m tired of hearing ...

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FSACK-A New Epidemic of Arrogance

Is there something in the water?  Recent stories of leadership faux pas  by fire chiefs, including allegations of criminal and racial activities are damaging the reputation of their departments and the fire service in general.  Dave Statter’s blog, Statter911 features ...

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Hashtags, SMashtags

“Standardize hashtags”- Ugh, here we go again. Another call for standardizing the use of hashtags during crisis. A report by the United Nations was just released, “Hashtag Standards For Emergencies”. Patrick Meier’s recent blog post provides excellent summary and background information ...

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Fearbola Is Here

A couple months ago I wrote a piece about public concern with bringing an Ebola infected U.S. citizen back home for treatment. At the time I thought the hysteria surrounding this maneuver was way out of proportion to the potential ...

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Don’t rely on Dave Statter

Woman who took photo of paramedics says they were doing their jo - Fox 2 News He_2014-05-25_10-05-04

Imagine, you are a firefighter/EMT arriving at the scene of a serious car crash. You begin your sizeup, and approach the vehicle smooshed up against a tree. Radiator fluid and steam are boiling out from the destroyed front end. You ...

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Is It Time for SMindshield Surveys?

Southern California received another wakeup call last week, albeit a minor one, when the La Hambra earthquake rattled the LA basin. Immediately thereafter, the LAFD implemented their earthquake protocol, and began touring their first in areas via pre-designated routes to ...

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Another S.O.B. Story

OK Public Servants, when are you going to learn?  Dave Statter posted the most recent case of social media rectal cranial inversion on his blog – Statter911 ; an appalling and sad story about an FDNY EMS lieutenant publicly revealed ...

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Wake Up Folks!

Emergency Management Magazine hosted an All Hazards Stakeholders Summit in Seattle today.  I believe this is the second year of these “summits”, bringing together the best and brightest stars in Emergency Management to motivate, inspire and educate.  It was fun ...

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