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Fearbola Is Here

A couple months ago I wrote a piece about public concern with bringing an Ebola infected U.S. citizen back home for treatment. At the time I thought the hysteria surrounding this maneuver was way out of proportion to the potential ...

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Don’t rely on Dave Statter

Woman who took photo of paramedics says they were doing their jo - Fox 2 News He_2014-05-25_10-05-04

Imagine, you are a firefighter/EMT arriving at the scene of a serious car crash. You begin your sizeup, and approach the vehicle smooshed up against a tree. Radiator fluid and steam are boiling out from the destroyed front end. You ...

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Is It Time for SMindshield Surveys?

Southern California received another wakeup call last week, albeit a minor one, when the La Hambra earthquake rattled the LA basin. Immediately thereafter, the LAFD implemented their earthquake protocol, and began touring their first in areas via pre-designated routes to ...

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Another S.O.B. Story

OK Public Servants, when are you going to learn?  Dave Statter posted the most recent case of social media rectal cranial inversion on his blog – Statter911 ; an appalling and sad story about an FDNY EMS lieutenant publicly revealed ...

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Wake Up Folks!

Emergency Management Magazine hosted an All Hazards Stakeholders Summit in Seattle today.  I believe this is the second year of these “summits”, bringing together the best and brightest stars in Emergency Management to motivate, inspire and educate.  It was fun ...

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