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SMACSS Strikes Again Y’all

Dave Statter once again highlights the idiocy of a firefighter who thinks his social media posts are benign and private commentary on their lives. Gimme a break! Here is the latest victim of SMACSS (Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome), ...

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It’s All About APPEARANCE. Never Forget It.

Cops vs. firefighters strikes again. Dave Statter (@Statter911) recently posted a citizen video of a police officer “assisting” a citizen out of his overturned vehicle. The video, shown here, APPEARS to show a vehicle on its side underneath a presumably compromised overhang struck by said vehicle.

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Syncing Command and Collaboration

Commander or collaborator? In the realm of managing emergency incidents both functions have to happen to make emergency incidents safely go away. Yet, we always assign an “incident commander”, someone responsible – organizationally and legally – for the emergency response. ...

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Mike Tyson Is Right


“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson. I saw this quote while scanning an excellent article in the Harvard Business Journal about the changing dynamics of business command and control, often referred to ...

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Get Going

Government agencies don’t hold a candle to big companies selling products. Case in point, this article. Today, large corporations are spending millions on social media advertising strategies. But, with this expenditure comes a price…time. As the article notes, it can ...

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Don’t rely on Dave Statter

Woman who took photo of paramedics says they were doing their jo - Fox 2 News He_2014-05-25_10-05-04

Imagine, you are a firefighter/EMT arriving at the scene of a serious car crash. You begin your sizeup, and approach the vehicle smooshed up against a tree. Radiator fluid and steam are boiling out from the destroyed front end. You ...

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Get Emotional

San Marcos fire tweet 2

As I watched twitter feeds on the fast moving fires in the San Diego complex late last week I was impressed with the use of Twitter by the City of San Marcos, one of the fire areas appearing to have ...

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Hey firefighter/EMT’s! You need to recertify every 2-3 years to keep your EMT certification right? Have I got a deal for you! We will pay you up to $1200 to take your re-certification training and exam anywhere in the world ...

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Bundy and Sterling Are Toast

Clive Bundy is toast. The Nevada rancher who for years has been fighting the feds over grazing rights on public land finally showed his true colors when he spouted off his views about the African-American race in a New York ...

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