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A husband, dad, emergency response professional and golfer.  Constantly wondering how I got from there to here and how I get from here to there. Views expressed here are mine alone, and not related to my real job.

  • Glad to see a place where your thoughts on emergency management (as it pertains to social media) can be compiled and archived, Chief. You are a thought leader in the regional sense and beyond and any insight into your thoughts is a valuable resource.

    Your presence and ability to offer structure and form to events as they unfold in real-time is invaluable to (some) folks in our little ‘burg and, speaking for myself here, makes one (as a tax-paying citizen) that much more confident in our ability, as a city, to handle crises and other delicate situations with (even just the perception) of control and authority.

    In an age where information can flow in real-time, permeating a wide variety of social membranes and networks in seconds, controlling cognition(s) is the name of the game.

    Any chance at a post with your thoughts on the Giffords shootings and how it unfolded in real-time a few weekends back? There were obvious missteps in some directions, and I’m curious what you think about that there. =)

    Regardless, congratulations on the blog and I look forward to future posts. Bests,

  • Thanks for the kind words DH! Standby for comments on the Tucson tragedy.

  • Your reflections and posts are inspiring – I thrive on learning more and more about public information, especially social media in crisis communications.

    I’m a new reader, but as long as you continue to post, I’ll continue to devour and digest your posts with an insatiable appetite for learning.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences!

    • Thanks Doug, greatly appreciated!

  • Robert Blew

    Robert Blew on August 19, 2012 at 12:12 pm said:
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    Reference your January 26, 2011 OK, We Get It. Now What?
    Intelligence (wherever the heck it ends up in the ICS structure for a particular incident…don’t get me started…)
    Please do get started on your views on Disaster Intelligence

    • Thanks Bob. A few of my other posts touch on various aspects of disaster intell. Happy reading!