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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Wake Up Folks!

Emergency Management Magazine hosted an All Hazards Stakeholders Summit in Seattle today.  I believe this is the second year of these “summits”, bringing together the best and brightest stars in Emergency Management to motivate, inspire and educate.  It was fun ...

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Bridging The Abyss

As a social media (SM) junky for a few years now, I have had lots of opportunities to use the medium during a community’s worst day.  I’ve made some mistakes and learned some lessons along the way, but now feel ...

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SMusion Centers

This week’s announcement of the Red Cross and Dell’s collaboration in opening an innovative digital operations center is a giant step forward in incorporating social media efforts in crisis response.  The Red Cross has been a thought leader and champion ...

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Convective Convergence

OK, I admit it, I’m a weather geek.  Meteorology fascinates me, and living in my area of the Pacific Northwest affords ample opportunity to study weather patterns.  Up here, the complex influences of the Pacific Ocean, Cascade and Olympic Mountain ...

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