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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Driving To Abilene

The other night an impromptu Twitter chat erupted among a few of us #SMEM stalwarts.  The subject; credentialing social media volunteers who assist during disasters.  Conventional emergency management practice requires people register with their local emergency management (EM) agency before ...

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Don’think Groupthink

Every Friday at 12:30 EST, folks jump on Twitter to monitor the #SMEMchat hashtag and discuss the latest and greatest issues related to using social media tools in emergency situations.  Work prevents me from being a regular participant (yeah, I ...

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My Nod to Chief Bruno

A long time ago, I read one of Chief Brunacini’s books.  Can’t remember which one.  But, I remember a section in the back of the book that contained a bullet list of lessons learned during his career. He had a ...

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