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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Baron Nostradamus

Yesterday, Gerald Baron (the #1 Big Kahuna of social media in emergency management according to Patrice Cloutier’s ranking of top 25 social media emergency management influencers) gave his predictions on what will happen with SMEM in 2012. I read lots ...

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Obtuse brevity

My staff often accuses me of being obtuse and nebulous as I pontificate in briefings and written communications.  While I don’t agree with their jealous and myopic perspective of my keen skill in spouting bureaucratic hyperbole, I thought it prudent ...

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Video Killed The Radio Star

To video or not to video?  That is the question.  Recently, Dave Statter (@Statter911) told me of an incident where the Washington DC police department was criticized for hassling a citizen videotaping police operations on a public street. The incident ...

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