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Monthly Archives: November 2011

We Need a Virtual Toilet Plunger

This afternoon, the HELP Foundation, a non-profit disaster planning and management volunteer organization posted an intriguing Twitter question to one of my #SMEM colleagues, Jeff Phillips My knee-jerk response is….wait for it…a toilet plunger. Yep, you read me right.  Now, ...

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Take Me Back To Kindergarten

OK, I have to admit it.  My blog yesterday about the just released paper called “Transforming the Response Enterprise” ended up a little short on analysis and related opinion.  Earlier in the evening Kim Stephens asked me how I was ...

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Just Do It

A few days ago I read an advance copy of a paper:  2011 Social Media Emergency Management Camp –Transforming the Response Enterprise, written by Clarence Wardell III and Yee San Su. It summarizes the efforts of a charter group of ...

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May It Never Happen Again

This week I led a four hour session on crisis response for the leadership of the three higher education institutions in my community; a four-year state university, community college and a technical college.  Presidents and key administrators gathered to learn ...

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