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Monthly Archives: May 2011

View From The ICS Backseat

Seems like some are grumbling about state and federal responses to big disaster events here at home. Specifically, that Federal Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Teams are not being used when a big crisis hits within our borders. It was ...

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Emotional Storm

Sunday’s apocalyptic tornado that tore through the heart and soul of Joplin, Missouri is a historic tragedy that has likely forever changed the city’s fabric.  I’m writing this knowing that search and rescue efforts continue, and the death toll will ...

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“Preach on Chief!”

“You’re too late”….. a bad news phrase that signals you missed getting the last of a great deal, or worse – you arrived after someone you loved has passed away.  But, my mentor and friend Gerald Baron uses the term ...

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Disaster Creepers wanted

The raid on Osama bin Laden’s crib last week was not only an epic accomplishment for our country (and Obama’s approval ratings), it  likely seemed even more epic for one of his neighbors, @ReallyVirtual.  This poor guy was minding his ...

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No Gizmos Required

Late last week the tweets started coming in about the tornado outbreak in the South. Weather geeks (including me) had earlier noted conditions were ripe for a significant outbreak. But, boy was I surprised by how bad it was. It ...

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