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Talkin’ for only 10 minutes? Not gonna happen

Call me nuts, but I just accepted an invite to speak at a groundbreaking conference on social media in Southwest Washington, called #140conf .  Going to drive 250 miles to speak for about 10 minutes about the nuts and bolts integration of SM in emergency response and incident command.  I joked on Twitter that because I only have 10 minutes I’ll limit my comments to 1400 words…you do the math.  The saving grace is I’ll stay at my in-laws halfway back home and play golf at Chambers Bay Golf Course, home of the 2015 U.S. Open.  Of course, this depend on whether my father-in-law will take me.  Yes, I am a “suck up” son-in-law.  (LUV YA DAD!)

Thinking about what I should talk about…..hmmm…… Here are a few ideas.  In the spirit of crowd sourcing, and also being tired of making decisions all the time, weigh in and let me know what you think would be most interesting topic. (tweet me…  @chiefb2)   Feel free to add your own ideas;

1.        Where to stick it? – Integration of SM into IMS

2.       How’d it go? – Practical application of SM in a big mess.

3.        How the heck do I know? – B2’s Nostradamus view

4.       Just the facts – what works what doesn’t in SM application for crisis.

Remember, I only have 10 minutes and 1400 words…but you can’t count my PPT slides OK?  Geez, I don’t think I’ve ever talked for only 10 minutes!

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Retired fire chief,Type 3 AHIMT IC, PIO. Current industrial services safety professional, social media emergency management disciple (no, I'm not a "guru"). Crisis communications consultant. Dad with an open wallet.