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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Tweet 911! Tweet 911!

I just finished reading an excellent post by esteemed colleague Glen Gilmore, a well respected public servant and social media visionary.  I always enjoy reading his stuff. The post, titled “Twitter 911-A Proposal” offered up the concept of mobilizing 911 ...

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Information Chernobyl

The last few days have been epic from an emergency management standpoint.  It is hard to see the pictures and video coming out of Japan. Add 3 exploding nuclear reactor buildings, winter weather conditions and, oh yeah, a volcano and ...

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“Holy Crap!”…Repeat

Yesterday was likely one of those days where 10 years from now you will remember where you were when (fill in the blank).  I had gone to bed early Thursday night after enduring four days of advanced Incident Commander instruction ...

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ICS Whack A Mole

Yesterday I started a week long FEMA class for Incident Commanders.  The curriculum is designed to provide detailed position specific education for those of us charged with organizing chaos.  The two instructors have extensive ICS pedigrees, and likely have forgotten more than ...

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