Have You Seen These

Here We Go…

The term above is something I tend to say to myself when I roll into someone’s bad situation.  I use it here because this is my first foray into the blog world, and may be creating my own bad situation!  Only time will tell.  My intent is to use this forum as a way to share my perspective on various aspects of emergency management and response, with a focus on the rapidly changing world of social media and how it is changing the rules for us emergency manager types.   For the record, I am a emergency response professional with 28 years in the fire service. I’ve been a firefighter, paramedic, fire captain, PIO, chief officer and incident commander for a regional all hazards IMT.  My posts reflect my personal views and not those of my employer (gotta have the disclaimer!).  We’ll see how it goes.

About chiefb2

Retired fire chief,Type 3 AHIMT IC, PIO. Current industrial services safety professional, social media emergency management disciple (no, I'm not a "guru"). Crisis communications consultant. Dad with an open wallet.